Welcome to the Tainted Midnight Campaign Page, this is my master campaign that I will put all my effort into. Only shared amongst my most trusted friends of the larger gaming group. This will be a level 1-20+ campaign with four adventure paths, many options and hopefully a whole lot of fun. The games should be held weekly or biweekly depending on everybody’s schedules and I will lay down the base rules once I figure out this site.

I want this campaign to be very detailed and elaborate, I will have hopefully weekly “in between” events happening while the party isn’t playing. So maybe the economy drops in this territory or maybe one country declares war with another. The players should also post, or email in a couple things they want to be doing in their “in between” time. I will then update the pages with the necessary info and such. The players are expected to write a back-story for your character, it would also help is you went into details about relatives or other possible in-game Npc’s.

As for the first game session, I have no idea when it will be, I have the first couple of levels in encounters written up. So I hope to establish a good hold on the world, players, Npc’s and other factors before I consider setting a date. However players are free to create their character early and encouraged to submit their back-story as soon as possible. There are no restrictions in character creation, however you must keep within the Pathfinder books (Core, Bestiary, Advanced Player’s Guide and Adventurer’s Armory) and I will have to approve of your character before I enter him/her/it into my campaign.

Thank you for those who joined and roll well.

-Tom Syvret

Tainted Midnight

Tainted midnight